Processing Bioplastics

sawing / cutting:
At you can have the choose to cut the sheets in different sizes. Use the option button 'cut the sheets' in the article. After this you can enter the desired dimensions (in mm) and number of pieces.

The costs regardless of the number of cuts is € 15.00 for small sheets and € 20.00 for large sheets.
Minimum saw size 100 x 100 mm.
If you want a size smaller than 100 x 100 mm, please send an e-mail with the request, we will send you a suitable offer.

Other processing options:
  • Lasering: laser marking, laser shapes from acrylic, polystyrene, etc.
  • Gluing: acrylic cubes, lids in tubes, etc.
  • Polishing: acrylic polishing ensures beautiful transparent edges
  • Drilling holes: in all types of plastics
  • Bending: acrylic, polystyrene, polyester, etc. for menu holders, name shields, displays
  • Milling: making shapes in vibers, solanyl, polyethylene
  • 3D printing: we can 3D print small series or prototypes for you in various qualities.

For prices and options send an email, preferably with drawing (DXF, DWG, EPS format) to


The bonding of bioplastics is possible depending on the connection requirements and durability.
Call us for advice.