Biobased plastics

Biobased plastics

The traditional plastics that we know are made from fossil raw materials such as oil. Monomers are recovered from this which are converted by certain techniques into polymers and thus form a chain of molecules linked together.
There are 3 types of plastic types:
  • Thermoplastics: plastics that can be deformed time and time again by heat and can therefore also be recycled.
  • Thermosets: plastics that can be deformed once (synthetic resins)
  • Elastomers: rubbers
Most plastics are thermoplastics and these can be used to make products. This includes vacuum forming, injection molding, extrusion and casting.

Biobased means that it is made from natural and renewable raw materials. It says something about the origin of the plastics. Biobased plastic can be made from residual flows from industry such as; starch, sugars from corn and sugar cane, cellulose from wood.

Some biobased plastics partly consist of natural raw materials in combination with traditional plastics in order to give certain properties to the end product.
This is usually indicated with a percentage. 100% biobased products such as PLA or, for example, 30% biobased such as biopet.
The market for biobased plastics is developing rapidly. Because the aspect of sustainability is playing an increasingly important role in our society and economy, you see that various manufacturers and suppliers like us are busy finding new environmentally friendly solutions.
Biobased and biodegradable plastics present a major challenge. On the one hand, we are looking for sustainable and environmentally friendly plastics, but where our customers do get the properties that belong to the fossil plastic counterpart.

After all, you want a biobased plastic to be available in color, can be vacuum-formed and can be lasered.
How do we do with gluing? organic glues or not?
How is the storage of biobased plastics going?

These issues concern us now and we are constantly looking for solutions and improvements together with our manufacturers and customers.

With this site we want to initiate the promotion of bioplastics and transfer knowledge and materials.