Bioplastic applications

Bioplastic and recycle options

In this section we will discuss the most common bioplastic and recycled plastic applications:

Polypropylene film is easy to cut, die cut and laser.
Polypropylene is easy to recycle. The rest of the parts go back to the factory to make new polypropylene films. The manufacturer is very active in making the production process as CO2 neutral as possible.
Because of these results, they meet the ISO 4001 certificate.

Lasercutting polypropene
When lasercutting polyprpene, we recommend laminating the polypropylene film with an application
foil. This ensures that the molten particles cannot deposit on the pp film and can cause brown spots.
Polypropylene is difficult to glue but can be bonded well with  snap nails, click connection or by stitching the material.
Polypropylene is flexible yet strong and provides a sturdy lamp shape.

Lighting ornaments by Studio Overvelde
lighting ornaments made from our polypropylene foil by Studio Overvelde.