PLA sheet

Polylactic acid is often referred to as PLA (from the English polylactic acid).
It is biodegradable, biocompatible and produced from vegetable raw material (corn starch).

We already supply PLA filament for 3D printers, but now we also have PLA sheets in the range of the brands Sizopreg and Vibers.

Viber's bioplastic is made from PLA and miscanthus (elephant grass).
The plates can be vacuum-formed, laser-cut, die-cut and printed.
Very suitable for p.o.s. material, signage festivals and events, interior applications, etc ...

Advantages of Vibers Bioplastic:
- low CO2 footprint
- biobased
- biodegradable
- made in the Netherlands
- natural look and feel

The material is reinforced with a jute colored core.
The process is completely cradle-to-cradle.